Fantastic Concealed Carry Purses from SHOT Show 2012!


One of our goals at SHOT Show was to find a variety of trendy options for female concealed carry purses.  Because who says we can’t be trendy while carrying!?!?  This year we found 4 vendors selling some stylish bags with different features and at various price points. All MSRPs are suggested by retailers, but at Armed in Heels, we will do our best to bring these products to you at a fantastic price. Here are our top picks now carried by Armed in Heels:

Roma Leathers

Roma Leathers is great because they offer a quality product at an affordable price.  All products are top quality leather. All concealment compartments have lockable zippers as well as soft holsters that are fastened to the interior of the purse with Velcro. Model 7034 comes in black, brown, or tan. It is made for right or left handed shooters, with zippers to the concealment compartment on both sides. The handles are 20” and rolled leather. The two side pockets are magnetic and snap being a great storage place for cell phones, pepper sprays, stun guns, small batons, flashlights, or other small things.  Model 7034 is 15”x10”x7”. MSRP for this model $87. Model 7092 comes in black, brown, cream, tan, red, and plum. There are three separate main compartments helping maximize storage and organization. The front pocket has a leather over-flap and magnetic snap. Two small compartments on the sides of bags are perfect, again, for small objects. The concealment compartment is along the back side of the bag.  Model 7092 is 12”x8.5”x5”. The MSRP for this purse is $69.

Roma Leather Concealed Carry Purse Model 7034

Above: Model 7034 in tan and black. Below: Model 7092 in red and plum.

Roma Leather Concealed Carry Purse Model 7092


Gun Tote’n Mamas

Gun Tote’n Mamas is a business who has evolved from designing purses strictly for utility to now incorporating design and utility. All purses have piano wire sewn into handles so that they cannot be cut off and stolen.  All concealment compartments have soft mesh holsters that are repositionable and fastened to the interior of the purse with Velcro. These ladies stand behind their products. If handles break or wear out, they will send you replacements. The Traditional Open Top Tote comes in either red or black leather.  The concealment pouch has zippers on both sides allowing for left and right handed shooters. This purse is simple and stylish. MSRP is $130. The Zebra Hobo is flashy and fun! The concealment pouch is along the backside of the purse. The body is nylon.  MSRP for the Zebra Hobo is $75.

Gun Tote'n Mamas Concealed Carry Purses - Traditional and Hobo

Above: from right to left, Brown Leather Hobo, Zebra Nylon Hobo, Red Traditional Tote. Below: Traditional Tote Concealment Compartment

Gun Tote'n Mamas Concealment Carry Purse Concealment Compartment


Designer Concealed Carry

Armed in Heels is currently carrying Designer Concealed Carry Handbags, but we learned about lots of new features coming out on the next generation of bags. These handbags are quality made with high quality leather. They are also fashionable and made to maximize storage and organization. The new models will have interior attachments for batons and magazines. Additionally, the holsters in the locking concealment compartment will come with a removable, resizable Velcro holster. Dependent on style, this line of purses will have MSRPs of $189-$379.

Designer Concealed Carry Hobo Purse in Black

Above: Hobo Purse Concealment Pouch. Below: Internal Compartment of Pallisade.

Designer Concealed Carry Pallisade Purse


Of the options for concealment purses, these three brands were our favorite based on functionality, fashion sense, and price. Shop now for Concealed Carry purses at Armed in Heels!

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