Ruger SR-22 Pistol - Good for Women?

The new Ruger SR-22 Pistol draws from the designs of the SR9 and SR40. While many reviewers have disliked the pistols size because it is not a 1:1 scale of the SR guns, we find this as a plus. Since most firearms are designed for men, the grip to trigger distance tends to be a little long for the average woman. But this pistol is a slightly scaled down version of the Ruger SR series of firearms, which means the smaller dimensions of the handgun could be perfect for you if you have struggled with bulky firearms in the past.

The SR-22 is a .22 rimfire semi-auto that features an exposed hammer and operates as a single action. The rear sight is adjustable, the frame is polymer and the grips are rubberized. The last two attributes will make this gun light weight and comfortable in a variety of hand sizes.

Ruger will be shipping these pistols out with (2) 10 round magazines and a soft case. MSRP is $377, but we here at Armed in Heels will be bringing this pistol to you for much less once they hit the market place. If you are interested in purchasing the Ruger SR-22 pistol, please contact


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