The ULTIMATE Womens Holsters: The Flashbang - Betty - Annie O - Sophia - Marilyn
Ultimate Concealed Carry The Betty Womens Holster

Woman face a unique challenge when carrying concealed and even openly. Our clothes are mostly snug, they tend to be more revealing and our bodies feature curves. This is the nightmare combination when wanting to discretely carry your personal protection firearm. Fortunately, companies such as Ultimate Concealed Carry have come about to help alleviate some of our biggest concerns.

We first met up with Ultimate Concealed Carry at shot show 2012. Their product had already generated quite the buzz online thanks to their flagship holster, The Flashbang. Both creative in name and function, this revolutionary holster gives woman the chance to carry their weapon of choice in a place men could never pull off. The Flashbang connects to the bra and stores the gun below our "assets". The drawing motion is what gives this holster its name. First you lift your shirt with your off hand to expose the firearm, then with your strong hand, remove the firearm from its secure holster in a downward stroke. The last step of course is take aim and...BANG. All of this can be accomplished with some practice in less than 1.5 seconds!

With the success of the Flashbang, Ultimate Concealed Carry was able to develop holsters for all purposes.
The Betty is one of the most comfortable inside the waist holsters on the market for woman. Designed to be very versatile, the Betty is able to be worn on the hip, towards the back, in a purse or even in a boot. The durable thermo-plastic holster will keep your firearm secure and handy.

Sophia and Annie O give us ladies the chance to carry on a belt openly or concealed with an over garment. Both feature a straight cant design that makes the draw stroke smooth and quick; perfect for the female body type. Lastly, the Marilyn has been developed to utilize the bra once again. This thermo-plastic holster slides into the bra cup which helps conceal the holster and support it all at the same time.

Now if you are worried about gun fitments, they offer a wide selection of standard holsters. These include some of our favorites such as the Ruger LC9 and LCR, the Beretta Nano, S&W Shield and Springfield XD-S.

When you are ready take control of your concealed carry options, be sure to CLICK HERE for all your holster options!

The full list of firearms include (depending on holster):

  • 1911 3" (any make)
  • Bersa Thunder .380
  • Berreta Nano
  • Boberg Arms XR9-S
  • Charter Arms Revolvers
  • Diamondback DB380
  • Diamondback DB9
  • Glock 26/27
  • J Frame Revolvers (not Taurus models)
  • J Frame Revolvers with Crimson Trace (not Taurus models)
  • Kahr P380
  • Kahr P9/40 (NOT PM Series)
  • Keltec P3AT/P32
  • Kimber Solo
  • NAA Mini Revolver .22 Mag
  • Ruger LC9
  • Ruger LC9 with Lasermax
  • Ruger LCP
  • Ruger LCP with Crimson Trace
  • Ruger LCP with Lasermax
  • Ruger LCR
  • Ruger LCR .357 Mag
  • S&W Bodyguard .38
  • S&W Bodyguard .380
  • S&W M&P Shield
  • Springfield XD-S
  • Seecamp .32 and .380
  • Sig P238 (not Equinox model)
  • Sig P938
  • Sig P230 & P232
  • SCCY
  • Taurus TCP
  • Walther PK380
  • Walther PPK/PPKS
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