UnderTech Undercover Compression Shorts - Product Review
UnderTech Undercover Women's Ultimate Compression Shorts

** Written byExpert Guest Blogger Gracie of Packing Pretty **

I was so excited when I saw the UnderTech Undercover Women’s Ultimate Compression Shorts on the Armed in Heels website that I had to try them out for myself. Here is what I found.

The first thing I noticed is that these compression shorts are ambidextrous. They are designed with two holsters sewn into them: one holster for the left hander and another for the right hander.  This gets me excited, now I can recommend them to all my students.

My biggest concern was whether or not my full size Springfield XDM 9mm (also referred to as the “Pink Gun of Shame”) would fit into holster. When checking fit I always check three things:

1)  Does the gun physically fit into the holster?

 2) Does the holster cover the entire trigger and trigger guard?

3)  When I do my Kung-Fu kicks or when I practice my sweet dance moves does it fall out? In other words, does the holster have enough retention to keep the gun in place?

To my surprise and excitement, this holster passed all three criteria. The design seems to be pretty universal. It fit perfectly due to the elastic material. The only downside to the fit is that because of the soft material of the elastic, you need to use extra caution when re-holstering. The elastic tends to get caught on the trigger. For this reason, I would recommend that you never holster a loaded weapon while you are wearing the shorts. It’s a lot safer to holster the gun and then put the shorts on.

UnderTech Women's Compression Holster

While I love the fact that muzzle of the gun is pointing in a fairly non-lethal direction while holstered, I’m not fond of the exact placement of the holster on the shorts.  It’s a little far back for me as I prefer to carry just behind the hip. But the placement caused no issue with my draw. I did, however, notice that because it is so far back (on your bum cheek) it would be a good idea to slightly turn your hip toward the threat as you draw the weapon. This will help ensure that muzzle stays pointed on target and doesn’t sweep bystanders. Yet even with the twist, I was able to draw, get a sight picture and neutralize two targets in less than two seconds.  I would say that’s an effective draw.

   UnderTech Compression Holster

All in all, I would recommend these shorts for women and men alike. These are a great alternative to my “jean short” method of carrying in a dress, and are superb for deep concealment.  They keep the gun close to your body and easily accessible, which is crucial for complete positive control over the firearm.  These shorts were very comfortable and they didn’t slide down when I walked, ran or jumped; making them a great option for active women and all the “packing” mothers out there who chase and play with their kids. You can even wear them under your work-out gear while you go for a run.

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